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10 Super Simple All Natural Beauty Tips

10 Super Simple All Natural Beauty Tips

Posted on: June 21st, 2017

Do you want to look perfect and beautiful at all times? Do not miss our ten natural beauty tricks

Surely you might have heard your grandmother say that there was no better product for hair than a natural oil. And so, an infinite number of natural solutions that either seemed extremely disgusting, or we just doubted its efficiency. However, you’ll be surprised to know that they were right. Some natural ingredients and foods found in our kitchen may be the ideal solution we’ve been looking for our beauty problems: eliminating frizz, strengthening your nails or even getting rid of those annoying pimples.


We propose you a simple guide with ten natural beauty tricks to take better care of you. From secrets to a perfectly white smile to bright solutions to make your eyelashes thicker. Do not miss our ten irresistible suggestions to look good looking.


Natural beauty trick to cleanse your face

The first advice every woman should know is that you have to clean your face in the morning and at night. Remove all bits of makeup before going to bed, using water or cleansing milk. Always apply one cream for the day and one for the night, and use serums. Once or twice a week, use exfoliating to remove dead skin cells and do not forget to moisturize your skin with our Marula oil lotion to improve the overall look and feel of the facial skin.


How to whiten teeth with natural remedies?

To have a beautiful smile, we suggest the following natural 100% natural tips: use baking soda to remove stains and imperfections from tooth enamel effectively. Baking soda makes teeth brighter and fights bad breath. The lemon whitens the teeth, but be careful; it should be used in moderation so as not to ruin them.


How to have longer and thicker eyelashes?

To improve the appearance of the eyelashes, use castor oil, a very cheap and easy to find a remedy that will make your eyelashes look stronger, thicker and longer in a month. Another option is to mix essential oil of rose and olive oil. And for evening makeup, do not forget to use an eyelash curler and simply apply a thin layer of mask.


How to have fleshy lips with natural remedies?

Would you like to have thick, fleshy lips? Use a compress made with drops of extra virgin olive oil and lemon, or you can add a pinch of cinnamon to your lipstick. You will get a fill effect in a very short time.


How to strengthen nails with natural beauty tricks?

To make your nails strong, healthy and do not break, perform a regular cleaning, apply petroleum jelly and use lemon to bleach them. It is also good to follow a diet rich in vitamins, calcium, iron, and protein. Many enamels also contain the extracts of such ingredient as a strengthening element. To make it yourself, crush a clove of garlic powder and add it to the transparent enamel. You will find in a few days that fragile nails are the thing of the past.


How to make hair grow faster?

You have to load yourself with a lot of patience and follow the grandmother’s beauty advice: regularly eating chicken, cheese, eggs, and lentils, promotes hair growth. Avoid hairstyles that create tension on the scalp such as the ponytail, keep the hair dryer a few inches away and use brushes with natural bristles not to break them. Another good way to improve the hair growth is trying using the essential oils on hair at least thrice in a week. We recommend you to try our Marula Oil Shampoo and take this hack to another level with improved hair texture, better length and lesser hair fall.


How to have perfect hair in ten minutes?

Our beauty tips for hair are: after washing, use a good conditioner to untangle hair. To reduce the time of combing, apply a little foam and lightly dry the hair. Or, use diadems to have a hairstyle ready in a moment.

For oily hair, natural remedies like lemon and black tea, both excellent astringents, will do the work for you. Mix juice of half a lemon and a half cup of black tea and rinse your hair with the mixture. Leave for 1-3 minutes and remove with warm water.


How to remove makeup in depth?

If you use many products (concealer, base, powder, flush, etc.) you need a deep cleaning: choose the cleansing milk or gel. If you wear makeup often, use micellar water or mild foams.


How to dye hair without making mistakes?

If your hair is already all one color and you just want to shine, apply a colored bath. If the roots are already darker, just apply the dye there. Think that if you make a mistake, you can add a uniform dye. Always leave the stipulated time indicated by the dye.


How to have perfect legs?

To color the legs, here are our style tips: choose the tanned effect guaranteed by certain products, such as BB creams or self-tanning. To solve the problem of swollen legs, opt for leg sprays that refresh and soothes. For healthy and rested feet, immerse them in a bucket with water and a few drops of lavender essential oil.


Other simple tricks you can take into account:


•    To achieve a natural tan, apply coconut oil or Argan oil or Marula Oil on the skin and eat a carrot daily.

•    If you get up with puffy eyes and dark circles, put some cold spoons for a few minutes to reduce swelling.

•    For smooth, hydrated hair, apply an avocado mask from the root to the tips. Avoid frequent use of dryers and irons to maintain good hair health.