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7 Amazing Ways to Protect Your Skin From Harsh Weather

7 Amazing Ways to Protect Your Skin From Harsh Weather

Posted on: August 18th, 2017




Autumn is a season with continuous changes over time, but it is also the ideal season to help our skin to recover from the ravages and excesses of summer and prepare it for the rigors of winter. Taking care of the skin, preparing it for autumn and showing off a beautiful face is not complicated.

Autumn is a transition season between summer and winter. Some days can be a bit cold while others days can bring up some heat, the wind becomes more and more annoying, the rain makes its presence, and our skin begins to suffer from so much change of temperature and atmospheric conditions.

Skin Care in Autumn

In the change of season from the glorious summer to the beautiful autumn, the air dries, the climate becomes wilder, and all this is reflected in our skin.

“In the autumn the air dries, and the weather is rougher, our skin becomes dull and weak.”

Although we maintain a healthy and varied diet, complete with daily servings of fruits and vegetables, our skin is more opaque, less soft and smooth, and somewhat weakened. Well, we must give it proper care during the fall. While the autumn brings along dry and dusty winds it vital to keep a natural care of your skin and keep the conventioanl use aside for bathing and washing your hands. The best way to keep your skin hydrated in this weather is to use Marula oil body wash to get the hydration your skin deserve it can do mircales to dry skin keeping it moisturzied all day long.

Tips to take good care of skin this fall

  1. Hydration to combat dryness.

After a long summer of sun exposure, one of the best ways to prepare your skin for cooler weather is to make sure it is fully hydrated.

Daily exposure to cold weather can be as damaging to the skin as persistent sun exposure, so hydration of the skin is of great importance during the fall to combat dryness.

Hydrate inside and out. One should at least drink one and a half liters of water and use a good moisturizing and nourishing cream.

As the air becomes drier, the skin needs a thicker moisturizer. These creams provide a stronger oily barrier, which means they reduce the loss of water from the outer layer of the skin and moisturize it at the same time.

  1. Cleaning to say goodbye to excess fat.

Thanks to the summer heat, the skin needs a deeper cleaning to remove excess fat and sun creams. However, in the autumn this deep cleansing is no longer necessary for the skin.

So it is advisable to switch to a mild soap or cleanser when you feel like having sensitive and irritated skin. Also try to dry your skin gently with the towel, with little touches and not dragging or rubbing on your skin.

Do not forget that if you are not clear which treatments or products are best for your skin type in autumn, you can always go to a specialist to clear all the doubts that you have. The important thing is that you take care of your skin because the less it suffers, the slower it will grow old and the better it will look.

  1. Food is also important.

Everything that we eat reverberates in our body, so we should also take extra care on what we eat! Caring about your skin is very important and to do that it is very useful to take a lot of vitamin C in your diet. Add and eat as many citrus fruits as you can in the autumn, and you will see what positive effects they have on your skin.

  1. Use photoprotection

Not only in summer but the sun’s rays are harmful in all seasons; it is advisable to use a protective cream when carrying out daily activities such as walking or practicing outdoor sports in autumn too. The specialist recommends extreme caution to people working in sunny offices, drivers, etc., because an ultraviolet radiation can damage the skin.

  1. Using Antioxidants

It is not indispensable, but they can help. In particular, to prevent skin aging, compounds based on vitamin C or E, carotenoids or coenzyme Q10, both in cream and tablet formulation are perfect. Antioxidants not only help your skin to shine and glow but it also strengthen and nourishes your hair.   You can use Marula oil hair products to provide your hair all the essentials antioxidants it requires to stay healthy just like your skin.

  1. Take care of the wind

This season comes with a new challenge: to protect you from the cold and the wind. When the temperature lowers, and the breeze increases.  It is normal that your skin begins to dry out and even to crack, this is why you can never forget to apply moisturizing creams that nourish and regenerate your skin, before makeup and at night, every day.

  1. Avoid scratching your skin.

Do not try to remove pimples with your fingers. If you need to remove a specific dirt from your skin, first sanitize the area and remember to disinfect the items you use.

  1. Protect the lips

With the cold, the lips begin to dry out, so a good advice is to apply solid Vaseline on the lips at night, as it is hypoallergenic and creates a film of high hydration.

  1. Cleaning

At night you should use a cleaning milk, which is ideal for normal and mixed skins. The doctor recommends massaging with this cream to drain and get the face to receive the rest of the creams with clean skin.

The cleaning can also be done with shower gels, which should be smooth. For dry and sensitive skins it is good to use thermal water, replacing the shower water.

  1. Face masks

The face masks are also important to take care of our skin. It is important to do this once a week. The doctor recommended us to do this with natural products, like yogurt and honey. “People who have stained skin can add a little lemon to achieve a whitening effect, should be left on the face for almost 20 minutes.”

Which products to use and which to not take care of the skin

Do not apply aggressive products to the skin during the fall. The skin is in its most vulnerable annual season. Avoid aggressive peels or peeling treatments. Chemical exfoliation should be avoided, if possible, at all times of the year. Also do not apply compounds rich in vitamin A with access, or products with steroid loads.

Take care of your skin in autumn by applying natural products and with the approval of professional bodies. Always consult your dermatologist before applying any new product, especially when it comes to commercial products (such as those you watch on TV) or self-described “miracle products.”

“It is not advisable to perform aggressive peels or peeling treatments during the fall.”

Also, the specialist recommends taking collagen, ideally from the age of 21, especially for those who do sports.

Remember that in the morning you should always apply moisturizer. If you are going to use a serum, the ideal order is serum, cream, and blocker.


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