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2017 Best Body Washes

2017 Best Body Washes

Posted on: August 31st, 2017


If you just figured out the best body wash for your skin, believe me, you are fortunate. But not everyone is on the same page. What makes a body wash perfect for you might don’t work exactly for the other. Its lot more than just having a pleasant fragrance, lather and an attractive packaging before choosing a body wash to moisturize, hydrate and nourish your body. Most importantly a perfect body wash should contain skin friendly ingredients that can treat every skin evenly with an affordable price tag. Here we bring some of the most efficient body washes of 2017.

Byredo Shower Gel

According to a survey conducted by leading beauty brands including myself.com using body washes that offer pleasant fragrance, supple lather and comes in attractive packaging reduces stress and make body wash feel good. Starting your day with a pleasing shower by Byredo shower gel offers a synthetic feminine hygienic fragrance that lasts all day long.

Aesop Geranium Leaf Body Cleanser

Aesop Geranium leaf body cleanser is a very luxurious floral body wash that comes in multiple flavors. It can be best used for dry skins. The perfect formulation of this body wash supple and moisturizes skin to its deepest layer keeping it soft and smooth entire. It is packed with a refreshing citrus scent that feels amazingly pleasant.


Tips for a Naturally Beautiful & Glowing Skin

Posted on: August 25th, 2017



Tips for a Naturally Beautiful & Glowing Skin

Healthy, glowing and flawless that you always wanted is now achievable that can turn the dream into reality. We have got some fresh and effective natural tips to get you a blemishing and glowing skin by using some highly useful natural tips. Having a skin that you always desired was always very costly along with the likes of suffering adverse effects.  Take a look at some of the simplest yet very effective beauty tips that we have got for you.

Tea Bag Massage

Gently rubbing dark circles beneath your eyes with chilled tea bags is the best solution to get rid of dark circles. You can do this by using chamomile, green and black tea bags. The best way to do this is to soak tea bags in chilled water for 2-3 minutes then squeeze to remove excess water and put the tea bags over you dark circles for at least 10-15 minutes.

Blend of Raspberries & Coconut Oil

Raspberries and coconut offer rich antioxidant properties that work wonders when it comes to skin healing and replenishing. You can easily make a very effective blend of raspberries and coconut oil. Use a small metallic pan and on a low flame add one tablespoon of coconut oil and raspberries paste. Now turn off the flame and stir the pan to get raspberries mixed with coconut oil firmly.  You can keep the mixture in a glass container and use it at as lip gloss and skin tone enhancer.

Use Natural Skin Care Products

If you have an option to choose natural beauty and face care products experts recommend to strictly go for it.  From dry, oil and sensitive skin the Marula oil body wash works incredibly as a complete skin toner and hydrating natural blessing. It contains skin replenishing Marula oil that penetrates deep into the skin to nourish it.

Perform Yoga to Lift Face

Performing yoga regularly can help you to maintain a perfect posture of your face.   Performing yoga regularly helps you to keep a good blood flow to the muscles of your face that contributes to providing extra vitality. Every cosmetic or beauty doesn’t work for all but Yoga can be performed by anyone to enjoy its numerous health benefits.


Posted on: August 24th, 2017


Whether it be a teenager or a beautiful mature woman, what we all want is healthier, glowing skin. However, with such a vast range of beauty and skincare products in the market such as face washes, moisturizers, skin cleansers, body wash products, etc. It can be quite impossible to narrow it down to a handful of products that work for your skin type.

Before you even start looking at cleansers and treatments for acne or dry skin, take a look in your makeup bag. You can spend thousands of dollars on facials, but if you aren’t using the right cosmetic tools, it’s of no use. Your makeup will still look as muddy as ever and ah, those pores; everybody’s going to see those bad boys you’ve tried hiding away all your life.

With cosmetic tools like the Clarisonic, a facial cleansing and exfoliating brush, suitable for almost any skin type, you can keep your skin hydrated and youthful for longer. Although some may not be too excited about the 130 dollar investment, it sure is worth it. One of the most hygienic ways to cleanse your skin, with replaceable heads and they last ages! They also have skin care kits for a variety of skin types that include cleansers and exfoliators.  If you have skin problems like eczema, you can take a look at Vanity Planet for their brushes that may fit you better than the Clarisonic as they also have brushes for exfoliating your body. Don’t forget to grab yourself a bucket (yes, get tons) of shea butter. It’s one of the most natural, thick moisturizers that suit acne prone and dry skin.

Now on to makeup brushes. Not only do you need to keep your brushes clean, but you also need to invest in some good quality brushes that won’t leave you with texture and fluff balls all over your face. One of the most popular and versatile brushes, or sponge I should say, is the beauty blender. Anyone can use it. Even if you’re a college kid on a budget or need something to throw into your purse when you’re late for work.

If sponges aren’t up your alley, why not try some Wayne Goss makeup brushes? An incredible makeup artist with over 15 years of experience who focuses on that lovely, glowing model skin for all age types. His brushes are some of the most gentle and softest brushes on the market. You can be sure that these makeup brushes are worth investing in, they last a lifetime. And they’re cruelty-free! He must be doing something right if he has millions of fans looking out for his next video on Youtube. Keep a close eye on them; they sold out in an instant last time.

Good quality cosmetic tools will save you tons of money in the long run. Nobody wants to be running to the dermatologist or beauty therapist for every a pimple they get. You can easily treat it yourself. Just keep your skin clean and don’t try to go inexpensive on those products because it will show, even more, if you have problematic skin already. Prevention is the key, ladies.



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7 Amazing Ways to Protect Your Skin From Harsh Weather

Posted on: August 18th, 2017




Autumn is a season with continuous changes over time, but it is also the ideal season to help our skin to recover from the ravages and excesses of summer and prepare it for the rigors of winter. Taking care of the skin, preparing it for autumn and showing off a beautiful face is not complicated.

Autumn is a transition season between summer and winter. Some days can be a bit cold while others days can bring up some heat, the wind becomes more and more annoying, the rain makes its presence, and our skin begins to suffer from so much change of temperature and atmospheric conditions.

Skin Care in Autumn

In the change of season from the glorious summer to the beautiful autumn, the air dries, the climate becomes wilder, and all this is reflected in our skin.

“In the autumn the air dries, and the weather is rougher, our skin becomes dull and weak.”

Although we maintain a healthy and varied diet, complete with daily servings of fruits and vegetables, our skin is more opaque, less soft and smooth, and somewhat weakened. Well, we must give it proper care during the fall. While the autumn brings along dry and dusty winds it vital to keep a natural care of your skin and keep the conventioanl use aside for bathing and washing your hands. The best way to keep your skin hydrated in this weather is to use Marula oil body wash to get the hydration your skin deserve it can do mircales to dry skin keeping it moisturzied all day long.


Why You Should Use Body Wash

Posted on: August 15th, 2017


One of the most recent yet preferred spa products is the body wash referred to as shower gels. A body wash is a liquid soap that is used as a substitute for soap for cleaning the body while having the bath. It can be utilized by any gender of any age. Unlike bath soaps body wash and shower gels contains pleasant fragrance and skin softening agents that usually leaves skin with a refreshing fragrance and soft moisturizing feel. There is a big debate on why should one go for body wash or shower gels if you can just have the conventional beauty soap to clean your body.

One of the major reasons people prefer body washes more than soaps is because nowadays most of the leading spa product brands offer body washes that are made with 100% ingredients. One of the best examples of natural shower gels is the top rated Marula oil body wash. Natural body washes offer a vast number of skin benefits, and their natural blend makes it even better for sensitive skins. Natural and organic shower gels can be used for every skin type and tone and without being worried about adverse effects. Here are some of the benefits of body wash and shower gels that let you never to rebuy soap.

Convenience of Use
One of the major benefits of using shower gel and body wash instead of soaps is its neatness and convenience of use. Using soaps can be frustrating sometimes as it might slips away from your hands, fall apart and sometimes leaves residues that become hard to wash. Whereas, using body washes can help you to reach every part of your body and to gently clean it while soaps are not very easy to apply on every point on your body. Body washes prevent waste as you only take out of the bottle according to your use and can easily implement it with the help of body sponge.

Versatile Ways of Using
The versatility of body washes makes it a better choice than ordinary soaps. There are various body washes and shower gels available in the market that goes perfectly well as a body wash as well as a hair wash. Every soap can’t be used with any skin type of tone, but body washes can be a perfect choice for using with any skin type. While there are few Marula oil hair products that have shown high satisfactory results when used as a body wash. All natural and organic body washes and hair products can be used in place each other as they are made up of all natural ingredients making them free from side-effects.

Sugar Scrub
Some of the body washes and shower gels can be used to make sugar scrubs. These scrubs are used to clean and exfoliate skin and to regenerate dead skin cells. You can make a very effective sugar scrub by your own instead of spending high amounts on purchasing branded scrubs. You can do this by taking 3 cups of turbandino, ¼ teaspoon of sugar, ½ cup of almond oil, and jojoba seed oil.

Above are some of the most prominent reasons that you should always to for a branded and top quality natural body wash that not only nourishes your skin but leaves and aromatic floral fragrance and the softness you always desired.

Modern game changing solutions for a glowing and healthier skin & Hair

Posted on: August 15th, 2017




It used to be a tale of the old times when the term “beauty” was rated on a scale of light to dark skin tones, when the fairer was the queen, the besotted and the desired. Today the two words; complexion and allurement do not go in one sentence anymore because with each passing day, the belief is changing and so is the practice. The modern times do not speak highly of the “fair” or condescend upon the “dark”; in the modern times the fact that everyone has the right to be beautiful is well established. Now we do not have to work on our skin tones because it no longer influences to that which lies in the eyes of the beholder.

Since we do not need to worry about where our skin shade lies on the so-called fair-o-meter anymore, the question arises, then what? The answer is a face that is white is not what is not we prefer today but rather a face that speaks volume. A clear, flawless, glowing skin is literally the most sought phenomena and let’s accept the reality that we do want it. People going crazy for so called “fairness creams” and beauty products that are penetrated in their minds through brain storming advertisements tends to subject much more skin related malfunctions than people using a natural products. Pure and natural skin beauty products are much more effective to bring the glow women seeks in expensive beauty products. When we talk about the much trending Marula hair products, this is the future of all-natural beauty solutions. It can be used both as a hair and skin nourishment agent, made with 100% pure and organic ingredients to make your skin and hair look extremely lively.

Makeup brands, cosmetic tools, accessories and similar ideas; the world of shades and pallets has been taken by storm by the latest, revolutionizing makeup techniques and skin care ideas. From toners to cleansers, scrubs to washes, moisturizers to color correctors, presently there’s nothing really left that we might need for a blooming skin.

Today, the companies offer us everything for our daily makeup regime. A simple BB cream, a tinted moisturizer and a lip-cheek stain in the morning for a hustle-free start, day creams, hydrating sprays and sorbets for throughout the sunshine and some soothing night creams, face packs and masks for when it is finally time to bid adieu to the tiring day for at least six hours. It is not only the range of skincare products that have experienced massive changes, it is our everyday makeup tools too that are rapidly undergoing transformation. The makeup brushes have been altered as per the face cut along with solutions to keep them skin-friendly; something which was not really a thought in the past.

To sum it all up, it is the face as blooming as a rose that not only an individual hopes for, but also the companies work upon and thus with each passing day, the progression in the ideas for a glowing and healthy skin is approaching new horizons.



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How Marula Oil is Beneficial for Your Hair & Skin

Posted on: August 11th, 2017




Most of us have never heard about Marula oil, and surely we are not even familiar with the benefits of this oil has to offer. According to some of the dermatologists and skin experts, this oil is considered as one of the beautiful blessings that Mother Nature has provided us. Marula oil is obtained by a native fruit commonly found and cropped in a southern region of Africa. The Marula fruit is one of the cash crops of southern Africa that has been the most prominent contender of African agriculture that has been harvested for centuries. The Marula oil obtained from the fruits is used in many Marula oil body care products that are broadly used as an effective natural remedy for a broad range of skin healing and relaxing purposes.

The Marula oil can be graded according to the tree it is obtained. Its tree are scarce and often found having a special floral fragrance making it unique from other natural oils. Besides having a very pleasing scent, the oil contains nutty aroma, with rich contents of skin and hair friendly properties such as protective antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins. When compared to a very famous essential oil Argan oil, Marula oil contains 60% more vitamins and nutrients.

In the Early 70s, the Marula oil was a common ingredient used for preservation and enhancing the taste of cuisines commonly in Zimbabwe, Mozambique and South Africa.  The common early use of Marula oil was to preserve meat and other various food products. Later the use of Marula oil hair products and cosmetic goods captured a huge market share as a newly introduced organic hair and skin treatment solution. In the late 60s the Tsonga people usually used Marula oil to have the bath and to clean themselves instead of water. The use of Marula oil body wash soon seemed to be a great choice for those people to protect themselves from harsh conditions that might damage skin and hair.

When the Marula oil entered the western beauty and skin are market people soon discovered its incredible benefits. By now, most of the hair care products claim to be all natural and organic contains Marula oil. Time has come when people while choosing natural conditioners and shampoo only looks for marula oil its assortment. This is due to the light texture, floral fragrance, fast absorbing, rich contents of fatty acids and antioxidants, made Marula oil conditioner an excellent choice to treat hair naturally.


10 Super Simple All Natural Beauty Tips

Posted on: June 21st, 2017

Do you want to look perfect and beautiful at all times? Do not miss our ten natural beauty tricks

Surely you might have heard your grandmother say that there was no better product for hair than a natural oil. And so, an infinite number of natural solutions that either seemed extremely disgusting, or we just doubted its efficiency. However, you’ll be surprised to know that they were right. Some natural ingredients and foods found in our kitchen may be the ideal solution we’ve been looking for our beauty problems: eliminating frizz, strengthening your nails or even getting rid of those annoying pimples. (more…)

Causes and Natural Remedies for Cracked Heels

Posted on: June 12th, 2017

The cracked heels are a sign of lack of attention to foot care rather than just overexposure or lack of moisturizing. From the medicinal point of view, cracked heels are also known as heel fissures. Fissures are regular cut-line wounds and mainly affect at the level of the surface comprising the epidermis. It can penetrate deep into the dermis at times and become painful. (more…)