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How Marula Oil is Beneficial for Your Hair & Skin

How Marula Oil is Beneficial for Your Hair & Skin

Posted on: August 11th, 2017




Most of us have never heard about Marula oil, and surely we are not even familiar with the benefits of this oil has to offer. According to some of the dermatologists and skin experts, this oil is considered as one of the beautiful blessings that Mother Nature has provided us. Marula oil is obtained by a native fruit commonly found and cropped in a southern region of Africa. The Marula fruit is one of the cash crops of southern Africa that has been the most prominent contender of African agriculture that has been harvested for centuries. The Marula oil obtained from the fruits is used in many Marula oil body care products that are broadly used as an effective natural remedy for a broad range of skin healing and relaxing purposes.

The Marula oil can be graded according to the tree it is obtained. Its tree are scarce and often found having a special floral fragrance making it unique from other natural oils. Besides having a very pleasing scent, the oil contains nutty aroma, with rich contents of skin and hair friendly properties such as protective antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins. When compared to a very famous essential oil Argan oil, Marula oil contains 60% more vitamins and nutrients.

In the Early 70s, the Marula oil was a common ingredient used for preservation and enhancing the taste of cuisines commonly in Zimbabwe, Mozambique and South Africa.  The common early use of Marula oil was to preserve meat and other various food products. Later the use of Marula oil hair products and cosmetic goods captured a huge market share as a newly introduced organic hair and skin treatment solution. In the late 60s the Tsonga people usually used Marula oil to have the bath and to clean themselves instead of water. The use of Marula oil body wash soon seemed to be a great choice for those people to protect themselves from harsh conditions that might damage skin and hair.

When the Marula oil entered the western beauty and skin are market people soon discovered its incredible benefits. By now, most of the hair care products claim to be all natural and organic contains Marula oil. Time has come when people while choosing natural conditioners and shampoo only looks for marula oil its assortment. This is due to the light texture, floral fragrance, fast absorbing, rich contents of fatty acids and antioxidants, made Marula oil conditioner an excellent choice to treat hair naturally.

The Marula oil is a natural yet very effective multi-purposes hair treatment oil that only provides shines and strength but can also reverse hair photo damage. It contains incredible anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties that helps in building collagen, immunize against extreme environmental and weather conditions, boost up healing of damaged skin and hair cells. The best part is everyone can make this oil a part of their beauty and skin care collection is its price. This is a complete value for money as the oil is completely natural and organic that means you don’t need to worry about any adverse effects.

If you are seeking to add something all natural, pure and effective to your beauty kit that could do wonders to your skin making it shine like a star, here are some detailed benefits of Marula oil.

Shield against Extreme Environment

Our skin and hair are highly sensitive, and we need to protect them from harsh ultra violet radiations and environmental pollution.  It is not possible for everyone to stay in the shade all day. For people spending hour’s outdoors tends to expose to direct sunlight that damages and harm skin and hair cells while. Marula oil body and skin care products work as a Kevlar against ultra violet radiations. It acts as a layer that reflects harmful UV rays keeping your skin fresh and secure.  It also prevents dust particles from residing in the pores of your skin that is subjected be a major cause of acne issues.  One can simply apply Marula oil as a primer on the skin with a thin layer about 10 to 15 minutes before leaving for outdoors.

Works against Stretch Marks & Scars

Marula works actively in lighting stretch marks and reducing the appearance of scars. If you are a regular user of this oil, the likes stretch marks and scar appearance will be prevented.  Due to the presence of rich, fatty acids, antioxidants, minerals and multi-vitamins Marula oil is very light weight, fast absorbing and non-greasy that nourishes your skin up to the deepest layers and supple it gently. For pregnant women, marula oil is convenient offering them a natural solution to get their stretch marks lighten. You can use a mixture of Marula and Agran oil both ten tablespoons mixed and added up in any conditioner.

Silky, Soft & Hydrating Skin

The marula oil has incredible properties of deep skin penetration even in that area where the skin surface is very thick of oily. By penetrating deep, this oil heals damaged skin tissues, reduces melanin and lighten skin tone. By gentle massaging Marula oil helps to soft dry skin and improves its appearance. With the presence of fatty acids, antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins, marula oil balances skin tone, removes signs of pigmentation and scars. Regular gently massaging of Marula oil on your face helps to leaves your skin super smooth, glowing, and fresh for longer durations

A Complete Hair Therapy

Choosing the right hair care product is always a confusing move for most of us. We all need our hair to look gorgeous, strong and shiny. Standard shampoos and hair product might only provide you with only one or some of the requirements you expect from it. Artificial conditioners and shampoos might only make your hair silky but compromise it strengths or the extra shine you want. Marula hair products are a complete one stop solution for all your hair related concerns. Marula oil is a perfect blend of vitamin C and oleic acid that works together to nourish and strengthen hair.

The marula oil hair conditioners, shampoo, and other products are perfect for every hair type and protect them from extreme weather, ultra violet sun radiations and other unfavorable climatic conditions.  Using Marula oil is extremely beneficial for people struggling with frizzes. It multi vitamins and rich minerals lock up hair strands giving it a perfect well-finished look.

Fights against Signs of Aging

As aging starts to catch you up and you are getting old, the first signs of aging start to reflect on your face in the forms of wrinkle, acne, dark circles and dull tone.  By regularly using Marula oil you can magically prevent your skin to show aging signs. This oil contains rich contents of antioxidants eliminates skin wrinkles, fights against acne and removes dark circles. The presence of oleic acid in the Marula oil helps your skin prevent and eliminated hyper pigmentation caused by ultra violet sun radiations. It also rejuvenates your skin to get rid of wound and pimple scars. It contains some amazing ingredients that encourage the ability of your skin to selfheal, repair, and regenerated fresh tissues.

Chapped Lip Moisturizer

For most of the Marula oil fans, it’s incredible moisturizing properties is not something new. For chapped and dry lips Marula oil is a treat, as it nourishes and moisturizes lips for a much longer duration that ordinary artificial chap sticks. The penetrating properties of Marula oil penetrate deep inside lips and remove dryness not only from outside but within. As a perfect natural lip balm, you can have glossy pink lips and prevent them from harmful weather and environmental conditions.

Get Rid of Brittle Nails

Marula Oil can works wonders for healing and treating brittle nails. If your nails are subjected to breaking and cracking you will need a natural moisturizer that helps to heal and nourish them and bring back the strength. A gentle massage of Marula oil on the nails of both of your hands helps to sustain and improve your nails.