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Modern game changing solutions for a glowing and healthier skin & Hair

Modern game changing solutions for a glowing and healthier skin & Hair

Posted on: August 15th, 2017




It used to be a tale of the old times when the term “beauty” was rated on a scale of light to dark skin tones, when the fairer was the queen, the besotted and the desired. Today the two words; complexion and allurement do not go in one sentence anymore because with each passing day, the belief is changing and so is the practice. The modern times do not speak highly of the “fair” or condescend upon the “dark”; in the modern times the fact that everyone has the right to be beautiful is well established. Now we do not have to work on our skin tones because it no longer influences to that which lies in the eyes of the beholder.

Since we do not need to worry about where our skin shade lies on the so-called fair-o-meter anymore, the question arises, then what? The answer is a face that is white is not what is not we prefer today but rather a face that speaks volume. A clear, flawless, glowing skin is literally the most sought phenomena and let’s accept the reality that we do want it. People going crazy for so called “fairness creams” and beauty products that are penetrated in their minds through brain storming advertisements tends to subject much more skin related malfunctions than people using a natural products. Pure and natural skin beauty products are much more effective to bring the glow women seeks in expensive beauty products. When we talk about the much trending Marula hair products, this is the future of all-natural beauty solutions. It can be used both as a hair and skin nourishment agent, made with 100% pure and organic ingredients to make your skin and hair look extremely lively.

Makeup brands, cosmetic tools, accessories and similar ideas; the world of shades and pallets has been taken by storm by the latest, revolutionizing makeup techniques and skin care ideas. From toners to cleansers, scrubs to washes, moisturizers to color correctors, presently there’s nothing really left that we might need for a blooming skin.

Today, the companies offer us everything for our daily makeup regime. A simple BB cream, a tinted moisturizer and a lip-cheek stain in the morning for a hustle-free start, day creams, hydrating sprays and sorbets for throughout the sunshine and some soothing night creams, face packs and masks for when it is finally time to bid adieu to the tiring day for at least six hours. It is not only the range of skincare products that have experienced massive changes, it is our everyday makeup tools too that are rapidly undergoing transformation. The makeup brushes have been altered as per the face cut along with solutions to keep them skin-friendly; something which was not really a thought in the past.

To sum it all up, it is the face as blooming as a rose that not only an individual hopes for, but also the companies work upon and thus with each passing day, the progression in the ideas for a glowing and healthy skin is approaching new horizons.



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