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Posted on: August 24th, 2017


Whether it be a teenager or a beautiful mature woman, what we all want is healthier, glowing skin. However, with such a vast range of beauty and skincare products in the market such as face washes, moisturizers, skin cleansers, body wash products, etc. It can be quite impossible to narrow it down to a handful of products that work for your skin type.

Before you even start looking at cleansers and treatments for acne or dry skin, take a look in your makeup bag. You can spend thousands of dollars on facials, but if you aren’t using the right cosmetic tools, it’s of no use. Your makeup will still look as muddy as ever and ah, those pores; everybody’s going to see those bad boys you’ve tried hiding away all your life.

With cosmetic tools like the Clarisonic, a facial cleansing and exfoliating brush, suitable for almost any skin type, you can keep your skin hydrated and youthful for longer. Although some may not be too excited about the 130 dollar investment, it sure is worth it. One of the most hygienic ways to cleanse your skin, with replaceable heads and they last ages! They also have skin care kits for a variety of skin types that include cleansers and exfoliators.  If you have skin problems like eczema, you can take a look at Vanity Planet for their brushes that may fit you better than the Clarisonic as they also have brushes for exfoliating your body. Don’t forget to grab yourself a bucket (yes, get tons) of shea butter. It’s one of the most natural, thick moisturizers that suit acne prone and dry skin.

Now on to makeup brushes. Not only do you need to keep your brushes clean, but you also need to invest in some good quality brushes that won’t leave you with texture and fluff balls all over your face. One of the most popular and versatile brushes, or sponge I should say, is the beauty blender. Anyone can use it. Even if you’re a college kid on a budget or need something to throw into your purse when you’re late for work.

If sponges aren’t up your alley, why not try some Wayne Goss makeup brushes? An incredible makeup artist with over 15 years of experience who focuses on that lovely, glowing model skin for all age types. His brushes are some of the most gentle and softest brushes on the market. You can be sure that these makeup brushes are worth investing in, they last a lifetime. And they’re cruelty-free! He must be doing something right if he has millions of fans looking out for his next video on Youtube. Keep a close eye on them; they sold out in an instant last time.

Good quality cosmetic tools will save you tons of money in the long run. Nobody wants to be running to the dermatologist or beauty therapist for every a pimple they get. You can easily treat it yourself. Just keep your skin clean and don’t try to go inexpensive on those products because it will show, even more, if you have problematic skin already. Prevention is the key, ladies.



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