5 Vegan Beauty Products for Glowing skin

Stay effortlessly radiant the cruelty-free way with our glow get ‘em favourites

Vegan Beauty products are the way forward if you want naturally long lasting glowing skin. The ingredients in these products are plant sourced and filled with the healthiest components that are boasting of vitamins and antioxidants.

Defenitely, the plant based way of life is no longer simply just a trend, it’s becoming more put into practise rather than just being talked about, especially vegan beauty

5 Vegan Beauty Products for Glowing skin Lief Essentials

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Winter weather can be quite harsh on your skin leaving you with dry, chapped skin and you’re more likely to break out into rashes. But before you panic, we’re here to talk to you about the best vegan beauty products to use on your skin; for the ultimate protection and promotion of healthy and glowing skin.

An important tip of ours is to remember that skincare products are most effective when you are fresh out of the bath or shower. This is because when your skin is freshly cleaned and still slightly damp the products are absorbed much more efficiently.

1. Sandawha Natural Mild Cleansing Oil

A mixture of high quality botanical oils that gently cleanse your skin and remove any impurities without stripping the skins natural moisture. This can also be used effectively as a makeup remover, including waterproof makeup. Deeply cleansing your pores for fresh complexion.

2. Sandawha Camellia Flower Antioxidant Mask

A wash off face mask that reduces skin irritation, diminishes signs of fatigue and leaves your skin with a healthy glow.

3. Sandawha Camellia Renew Moisturising Liposome Cream

A luxurious cream to pamper your skin for instant softness and radiance. Your skin will appear visibly smoother, firmer with a satin-like radiant glow.

4. Sandawha Camellia Oil Serum

This lightweight serum gently nourishes the skin more than your regular day cream. Absorbs into your skin quickly for a healthy and radiant finish.

5. Sandawha Camellia Flower Hydrating Mist

Filled with antioxidants that protect your skin from environmental pollution. It also soothes the skin and can be used as a quick boost throughout the day to hydrate and freshen your skin. It’s travel friendly so you can keep it in your bag. You can also use this as a primer base before applying your makeup and also as a setting spray to hold your makeup and keep you looking refreshed throughout the day.

All of these products can be used together in order of appearance as part of your daily skincare routine for glowing skin. Pampering yourself should be fun, and we want you to enjoy using our organic skincare products with these simple foolproof steps. Efficiently versatile and they each can be used for several purposes.

Give it a go!

vegan beauty products skin care Lief Essentials

Our products are gentle and are suitable for all skin types. They’re also easy to apply and have effective and long lasting results. When you feel your best, you look your best. So how about you start with your skin?

It is absolutely possible to have long lasting glowing skin, but first you need to make a conscious effort to invest in your skin by using the best products in your skincare routine. Here at Lief Essentials we can proudly offer you the highest quality k-beauty products that are guaranteed to be your new best friends.

There’s no better foundation than glowing skin, it’s your canvas, and you’re going to be wearing it for the rest of your life. What are you waiting for? It’s time to get your glow on. Glow get ‘em for yourselves. You’ll be thanking us later.

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