About Lief Essentials


Ethical Product Sourcing​

We have been sourcing products from across Asia and beyond for over 20 years. During this time, we have worked with a number of cosmetic brands to source and manufacture beauty products for the US, UK, Mexican and European markets. The more we understood about the products and the broader industry, the more we identified the need to make sure that consumers had access to natural (100% Vegan) and sustainably sourced cosmetics.

Clean, Vegan Cosmetics

For decades, cosmetics have included a range of chemicals (the “Dirty-Dozen”) in their formulations, such as parabens, to give them certain qualities. But your skin is actually very absorbent, which means these chemicals can easily find their way into your body potentially causing harm. We therefore created Lief Essentials back in 2018 to give consumers the chance to buy 100% vegan beauty products sourced from all corners of the World.

Naturally Beautiful

Based in England, we are constantly on the look-out for brands that use natural ingredients to produce 100% Vegan cosmetic products that have a positive impact on your skin. Whether it be creams, serums, oils or masks, we partner with brands that carefully select natural ingredients for their formulations. It is important to us that these brands also share our same values of sustainable sourcing and cruelty-free products.


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