Beauty Masks: 3 Vegan Options to Try Now!

Beauty masks are a fun and simple way of pampering your skin. 

Certainly, they should be an essential part of your daily or weekly skincare routine dependant on your skin type. With the use of the right beauty masks, you can simply treat your skin and eradicate any skincare troubles. 

Whether it be part of your weekly self-care Sunday routine or girls’ night in you get to decide. We’ve got three vegan beauty masks that we know you’re going to love.

Beauty Mask Lief Essentials Vegan Organic Skincare

Muldream Vegan Green Mild Hyaluron S.O.S Mask 

This sheet mask is one of our newest additions to our skincare range! Using sheet masks boosts the hydration in your skin and eases the ingredients in effectively. Sheet masks have great benefits to your skin. If you have dehydrated and dry skin, we recommend using sheet masks as part of your daily skincare routine. As mentioned, your skin will be kept hydrated and any lacking nourishment will be replenished. If you have acne-prone or oily skin, we recommend using a sheet mask once or twice a week. With Hyaluronic Acid being the main ingredient in this sheet mask it boasts of incredible benefits. Hyaluronic Acid alleviates dry skin, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and speeds up the healing process to damaged skin. These benefits will result in your skin looking healthy and youthful.

Commleaf Rose Sleeping Mask

If you are after the ultimate radiant glow then this beauty mask is exactly what you’re looking for. Whilst you’re sleeping your body is going through its natural process of growth and repair. Using sleeping masks work hand in hand with this process and give it that extra boost of repairing damaged skin and skin cell renewal. 

The superstar ingredient in this sleeping mask is rose water. The rose water reinstates the hydration in your skin and increases your skins moisture. It also balances your skins PH levels and evens out your skin tone. Expect the appearance of tired and fatigued skin to be revitalised and glowing the morning after using this face mask.

Sandawha Camellia Flower Antioxidant Cream Mask

This is a great beauty mask for those that have sensitive skin or simply need a boost to the clarity of their skin. Face masks that contain antioxidants have powerful healing benefits and strengthen your skin barrier to protect it from daily radicals. Antioxidants also reduces the signs of ageing, scars and repairs sun damage to your skin

This beauty mask also soothes sensitive skin and reduces signs of redness and inflammation as it contains aloe vera leaf extract. The camellia petals will have a moisturising effect on your skin leaving it deeply replenished, soft and supple. 

Identify Your Skin Type

 It’s time to start paying attention to your skin type and what exactly your skin needs. Our beauty masks are suitable for all skin types, but the amount you are required to use on a weekly or daily basis will differ based on your skin type.  

Using beauty masks will help enhance your overall skincare regime. The results from your daily skincare routine will significantly improve and the results achieved will be much faster and will last longer. As with all of our products, all three of our face masks are 100% vegan and cruelty-free

As we’ve just entered the spring season your skin will likely require different needs and we’re here to give your skin a helping hand. Switch up or add to your skincare routine with our vegan beauty masks and prepare to be amazed by the results! 

Revolutionise Your Skincare Routine with Our Vegan Beauty Masks

It’s time to put your best face forward and we’re confident that our face masks can help you achieve that. To achieve clear, healthy and glowing skin you’re going to need to invest in a skincare routine that consists of the best beauty products for your skin. Once you’ve covered all bases, you can assure that you will be able to achieve those oh so desired results.  

Our diverse range of vegan beauty products work powerfully together. Check them out and decide which of these products will work best for your skin complimented by our face masks. Treat yourselves today and #LoveLief

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