Clean Beauty: Everything You Need to Know

Clean Beauty is the New Trend

Clean beauty, defined as products made without ingredients that are shown or suspected to be harmful to human health.

Thanks to the younger generation leading the path we are much more in tune with the wellbeing of our planet. Younger Millennials and Gen-z’s are paving the way for conscious living. Clean beauty products are becoming more of a mainstream way of life with consumers.

More research going into the best beauty products to use and which natural beauty products being recommended. Certainly, there is now an increased pressure on beauty brands to deliver what the consumers want. It’s time for them to start living up to a new calibre.

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How Toxic Ingredients Can be Harmful?

Non vegan beauty products usually contain harmful ingredients such as parabens that have been proven to be toxic.

Parabens are one of the top toxic ingredients used in non-vegan beauty products. Used to lengthen the shelf life of products and keep them “fresh.” What these brands don’t mention are the harmful bacteria that harbour within these ingredients.

These types of toxic ingredients have been proven to be linked to long-term health issues. Consumers of such products pose risk to liver disfunction, cancer and reproductive issues to name a few.

Why we believe in Clean Beauty.

As a vegan beauty brand, we are firm believers of using only the highest quality natural ingredients. What you put into your body as much as what you onto your body can affect your health. You’ve all heard of the saying “you are what you eat” right? Well, the same applies to you are what you put onto your skin. Do you want to be toxic? Didn’t think so…

Whatever you put onto your skin is absorbed and can eventually end up in your bloodstream. Thus, potentially putting you at risk of the serious health issues if your skin is absorbing toxic ingredients.

Natural Ingredients to Nourish Your Skin Safely:

All of our vegan beauty products are safely and ethically produced to work effectively yet gently on your skin. Our skincare range is suitable for all skin types. Keep reading to learn more about the three clean beauty products that we are loving this week. Get your mouses ready to “add to cart.” In this case, giving in to temptation is most certainly a good thing!


A rose scented soothing gel sleeping mask enriched with rose water, used for intense hydration. Contains 100% rose water extract. This gel sleeping mask has a luxurious texture and you will wake up with a visual lift. The perfect addition to conclude your PM skincare routine for an envious radiance in the AM.


A gently exfoliating and mildly acidic ampoule that renews skin cells. Ideal for soothing the skin whilst also targeting acne, enlarged pores and blackheads. This ampoule also enhances the process of how face masks work on your skin. Team with our Commleaf Sleeping Mask as part of your skincare routine and witness the glowing results in the morning.


A luxurious facial cream that instantly softens and radiates your skin. Containing a unique blend of super lightening agents, this facial cream will tackle skin discolouration and age spots. Your skin will be left with a satin like rejuvenation after pampering yourself with this vegan beauty product. One of our most versatile products that provides as a plethora of wonderful benefits to your skin.

Join Lief Essentials for a 100% Clean Beauty Skincare Routine!

At Lief Essentials we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the highest quality skincare products. We celebrate conscious and clean beauty and endeavour to educate our audience everyday.

We want you to be more mindful of the beauty products that you invest in. Look at the ingredients and think about the long-term effects.

Our clean beauty products will keep your minds and bodies at ease. We are confident in our products. The use of natural ingredients, sustainable production, cruelty free and environmentally friendly guarantee.

It’s 2021, what better time than to start making educated purchases with what you put on your body. Upgrade your beauty routine today and treat yourselves to our vegan skincare products. 

Love clean beauty, #lovelief.

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