Facial Cleansing: What’s the Best Product for You?

Facial cleansing is the first step and most important part of your skincare routine.

Certainly, without cleansing, your daily skincare routine will be pretty pointless. It’s important to make sure that your face has been thoroughly cleansed firstly to avoid breakouts, wrinkles and dehydration. It’s also extremely important to cleanse to ensure that the rest of your skincare products will work effectively. Your morning and evening routine certainly needs to begin with cleansing. Throughout the day and night your skin creates a buildup of dirt during the day and oils at night.

Facial Cleansing Organic Vegan Skincare Lief Essentials

What is Double Cleansing?

Double cleansing means exactly how it sounds. It involves the use of two different cleansers to wash your face. It’s become a popular way of thoroughly cleaning your face to achieve that oh so desired squeaky-clean look. Double cleansing usually starts with an oil-based cleanser followed by a water-based cleanser.

We recommend that double cleansing is best suited for those with oily or acne prone skin. If you’re wearing heavy makeup, then double cleansing is suggested for all skin types. This will ensure that all traces of makeup and remaining tough grime is completely removed.

Your daily skincare routine may include double cleansing or you may prefer to use one cleanser. We have five fantastic vegan beauty products that target all skin types to cleanse your skin like no other!

Commleaf Skin Relief Perfect Cleansing Oil

Antioxidants prevent your skin from premature ageing, and this cleansing oil is filled with them! This is a hypoallergenic solution. If you have sensitive or irritated skin; this vegan beauty product will provide your skin with relief. The smooth texture will glide onto your skin removing all traces of dirt. It also provides a firming action to your skin and reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

Commleaf Zero Made Green Cleansing Balm

This is a luxuriously textured cleansing balm that transforms into an oil as soon as it touches your skin. It will melt off all makeup and dirt from your skin, providing a deep cleanse into your pores. For those with sensitive skin your skin will be soothed and any damage will be repaired. Your skin will be hydrated and left feeling deeply nourished with a visible glow.

Sandawha Alpha-bisabolol Brightening Foaming Wash

This lightweight and foamy texture bubbles deeply into your pores and thoroughly cleans your pores. If you like to double cleanse, we recommend using this after using one of our oil-based cleansers. This is a wonderful cleansing foam wash that’s rich in antioxidants, which will protect your skin from free radicals. A refreshing solution that will leave your skin feeling revitalised. Suitable for all skin types.

Sandawha Natural Mild Cleansing Oil

If your skin type is dry then you’re going to love this cleansing oil. It contains eight high quality botanical oils that deeply hydrate and nourish your skin, leaving it soft and moisturised. It’s a powerful cleanser that even removes oil-based makeup, even waterproof mascara! It emulsifies into a wonderfully soft milky texture that washes away all dirt from your skin. The moisture in your skin retained and your skin will feel incredible.

Commleaf Rose Moisture Pad

These facial pads are pre-soaked in rose water that is beautifully naturally scented. Each pad has an embossed surface that ensures removal of all makeup and dead skin cells. It’s an extremely soft texture that is gentle on your skin and keeps it deeply hydrated. This is one of our most versatile vegan beauty products! It can be used to cleanse or simply refresh your skin throughout the day. You will also enjoy further benefits as it evens out skin tone and regenerates skin tissue.

When to Cleanse?

It’s extremely important to cleanse at the end of the day. This will get rid of impurities, buildup of dirt and pollution that has accumulated on your skin. Without cleansing you run the risk of your skin experiencing a breakdown of collagen leading to premature ageing.

Facial Cleansing products Organic Vegan Skincare Lief Essentials

As mentioned earlier, if your skin is acne prone or oily, we recommend double cleansing daily. For normal or combination skin, cleansing once in the morning and evening is recommended. This will ensure to keep your skin clean and healthy.

Treat yourselves to our daily facial cleansers and give your skin the gift of long-term youth and health. 


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