Hand Cream: Stay Hydrated and Say Goodbye to Dry Skin

Hands cream Beauty products vegan organic cruelty-free Lief essentials

Hand cream if it hasn’t already been is going to become your winter best friend.

Certainly, with winter in full swing and seemingly getting colder with no end in sight.

We’re always telling you to be good to your skin, that includes being good to the skin on your hands. Hand cream offers a range of benefits to your hands, just like the moisturisers you apply to your face.

It may likely be the most neglected item within your skincare routine, it’s time that changes. Your hands are constantly exposed to chemicals, sunlight, water and bacteria. Whilst hand cream is designed to protect your hands, it’s also designed to repair damage caused to your hands.

Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise!

Now more so than ever we are living in a time of constant hand washing and sanitising our hands. Both are extremely necessary as we of course need to make sure our hands are always clean. However, the constant routine of this strips the natural oils and moisture from our skin. The best way to actively maintain the moisture in our hands is by moisturising them with hand cream.
Let’s discuss some of the vital benefits of hand creams and why keeping your hands moisturised daily is important.

1. Keeps your Hands Smooth

Washing your hands mixed with seasonal factors such as winter radicals can leave your hands vulnerable. This can lead to your hands becoming dry, rough and even cracked! Moisturising your hands throughout the day helps to protect your skin and promotes long-term healthy skin on your hands.

2. Promotes Young- and Healthy-Looking Hands

Along with adding moisture to your skin, hand creams provide anti-ageing effects and assists with elasticity in your skin. The condition of your hands is usually a huge tell-tell sign as to determine how old a person. This is because the hands are the first place on your body where ageing shows.
Hands plants Beauty products vegan organic cruelty-free Lief essentials
Hands Beauty products vegan organic cruelty-free Lief essentials

3. Keeps the Skin on Your Hands Healthy

Hand creams usually contain ingredients that are designed to protect your hands from any bacteria. The anti-bacterial components in hand cream prevent harmful organisms from running riot on and inside your skin. All of the ingredients in our skincare products are 100% vegan and cruelty free. We offer products that will provide you with the healthiest products for your skin.

4. Healthy Nails!

Just as good as moisturising is for your hands, it’s also great for your nails. Keeping your nails moisturised on a daily basis will strengthen your nails and protect them. You may notice that your nails over the winter tend to become more brittle and seem malnourished. The active agents in hand creams will help to reduce these effects.  
Look at it this way, you need to eat and drink water to survive right? Well, the same goes for your nails. You need to feed them with daily moisturising for them to stay healthy and have the strength to withstand seasonal changes and harsh weather.
Hands cream nails Beauty products vegan organic cruelty-free Lief essentials

Sandawha Camellia Moisturising Hand Cream

A rose scented soothing gel sleeping mask enriched with rose water, used for intense hydration. Contains 100% rose water extract. This gel sleeping mask has a luxurious texture and you will wake up with a visual lift. The perfect addition to conclude your PM skincare routine for an envious radiance in the AM.Sandawha Camellia Moisturising Hand CreamOur Sandawha Camellia Moisturising Hand Cream is the perfect hand cream to take care of your hands daily. It’s an intensely hydrating and non-oily cream that protects your hand from daily aggressions. Furthermore, it prevents dryness and leaves your hands feeling and looking soft, smooth and supple. It also has a wonderfully luxurious scent and all of the ingredients in this product are natural.

This hand cream is perfect to use on the go with its beautifully sleek and slender packaging. Simply pop it in your handbag or pocket and your hands are guaranteed to stay protected each day.

Pamper your Hands the Same Way you Pamper your Face

Hand cream is just as important as any other moisturiser you use for your face and body. Your hands deserve a skincare routine too. Certainly, moisturising your hands should become a daily habit for your hands to stand a chance at looking and actually being healthy. The ingredients in hand creams are formulated specifically to deeply nourish, moisturise and smoothe the skin on your hands.

Just because your hands are the last thing people at look at doesn’t mean you should neglect them. Moisturising your hands with hand cream daily is a simple yet powerful way to keep yours healthy and protected.

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