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What Is K-Beauty?

K-Beauty is the name given to the beauty industry in Korea. K-Beauty is not just about makeup, but mainly focuses on creating a beautiful canvas –  your skin. It is the umbrella term for skincare products and focuses on healthy and hydrated skin for a brightening and glowing effect.

In Korean culture it is instilled in you from a young age to look after your skin with the aim to maintain a youthful appearance. Not just for girls, boys are also encouraged to invest in their skincare routines. Whilst men are actively taking part, the Korean beauty industry is still mainly aimed towards female consumers.

Main shopping centres and streets are filled with beauty stores, and even whilst watching TV most of the advertisements will be about beauty.

History Of K-Beauty

The origin of K-beauty developed during the time of the Three Kingdoms of Korea, where the beauty culture become more prominent.

During the winter, in Korea people would apply lard to their skin to avoid getting frostbite. Koreans believe in being in control of your skin and would rather focus on prevention rather than a treatment, by maintaining the skins appearance to avoid having to rectify potential skin problems.

Having Healthy and soft skin is considered to be a beautiful characteristic alongside showing poise and modesty. The Korean culture is extremely conservative.

In 2017 the K-Beauty industry was worth £10 billion. Research has shown that by 2026 the Korean beauty industry will be worth more than £16 billion.

K-Beauty, Sansawha beauty products

Why Is K-Beauty Popular?

K-Beauty is extremely forward-thinking and ahead of the trends. With the vast amount of competition within the overall beauty industry, K-Beauty brands have successfully aimed to attract their consumers with a unique and innovative approach.

1. Natural Ingredients
With extensive research for the quest of offering the best ingredients derived from natural sources. K-beauty products are created using gentle formulas to accommodate all skin types for preventative skin issues with tested and proven excellent results. The ingredients in these K-Beauty skincare products are designed to mainly lock in moisture and keep your skin feeling soft and hydrated whilst encouraging elasticity for a radiant and youthful result.

2. Effective & Affordable
K-Beauty products are effective and affordable with a comparable better value for money to the general pricing of high quality beauty products in the world. Korean beauty products are developed with innovative techniques. These techniques are created with the utmost attention and detail with to ensure the highest of quality for consumers and desirable results for unbeatable prices.

3. Gentle Formulas for all Skin Types
Traditionally Koreans only use natural skincare products and light makeup to create a natural glowing result. There is an intricate 10 step skincare routine with a regimen beginning with a dual cleansing ritual, series of sheet masks, essence lotions, serums, rich moisturisers that then concludes with a suncream. At night the suncream is swapped for a thick sleep cream.

The sound of the 10 step skincare routine understandably may sound overwhelming, however thanks to the tradition passed down through generations, the use of natural and harsh-free the evolution of K-beauty products have enabled the simplicity of only having to use certain products to manage your skins needs. First and foremost it is important to identify what skin type you have to determine which products are best suited for your skins needs.

4. Packaging
With the vast amount of competition within the beauty industry, K-Beauty brands aim to attract their customers with beautiful packaging by using elegant and pretty images such as flowers. Branding is massively important and K-Beauty brands provide consumers with sophisticated packaging.

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