Vegan Beauty

Embracing the world of nature and its ingredients, Commleaf creates products from naturally sourced ingredients to help protect the skin from harmful toxins within everyday life. The Brand believes in the importance of simple and honest skincare. Commleaf’s approach to skincare is embodied in its name, which combines the words “comma” (rest) and “leaf” (nature) to mean “rest in nature”.


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When your body feels the fatigue from daily harmful environments, these incredible creams, oils and essences are a must-have to soothe, rescue and protect your skin. Commleaf’s hypoallergenic and low-stimulation products contain natural substances that safeguard the skin’s health by bringing out its inherent power. Focusing on ‘anti-wrinkle’, ‘soothing’, ‘moisturising’, ‘brightening’ and ‘elasticity’, they are gentle and provide relaxation to tired skin by using the intrinsic strength of natural ingredients.

Commleaf utilizes EWG-verified and naturally-derived ingredients that have all passed skin irritation testing. The Brand is focused on ‘Clean Beauty’ and ‘Vegan Beauty’. As well as nature being core to Commleaf’s beauty products, the Brand deeply cares about sustainability and the environment. As a result, the packaging also takes into account the environmental footprint and uses materials that are eco-friendly and aligned with the Brand’s beliefs.

All products adhere to ISO 22716 standards and are cruelty-free.