What is Organic Skincare?

Let’s discuss organic skincare and its benefits. Firstly, what exactly is organic skincare? In simple terms the word organic is defined as being produced without the use of artificial chemicals and use ingredients that are derived from plant sources. Here at Lief Essentials we pride ourselves on only using organic and ethically sourced natural ingredients in our products.

The use of non-organic skincare products have a much higher potential to be harmful to your skin in the long term due to the use of synthetic components that run the risk of causing irritation to your skin, especially after long periods of usage. Organic products are less likely to cause an allergic reaction.

We’re at a point in the world where a vegan-friendly and ethically sourced way of life is becoming more of the norm and dare I say it a ‘new normal?’ Gone are the days of people blindly using products without really knowing which ingredients are in them. Our products contain in depth fully disclosed details as to which ingredients are in them and we always aim to provide you with the best of the best. At Lief Essentials we truly aim to provide you with effective organic skincare products to allow your skin to look and feel healthy to its fullest potential.

Here we have handpicked some of our favourite organic skincare products:

Organic Skincare


This is a lightweight facial cream is made up of active ingredients such as Camellia Flower extract, Green Tea extract and broccoli extract. Designed to provide intense nourishment and protection of your skin. It also increases your skins natural restore process and reduces redness with deep hydration and whilst reinstating your skin’s elasticity for a firmer more “snatched” look.


Our facial cleansing oil is made up of eight high quality botanical oils and gently cleanses the skin. Essentially it provides a gentle deep-pore cleansing for a fresh complexion. You can also use this product as a makeup remover, simply apply to some cotton wool pads or a damp soft facial cloth and you are good to go.


A versatile refreshing facial mist boasting of antioxidants to keep your skin protected from any extreme environmental factors. This vegan friendly mist also includes Camellia extract and Aloe Vera extract to achieve a deeply hydrating and restorative effect, whilst also encouraging soothing and anti-ageing results. This is the perfect companion in your handbag as it can be used throughout the day for a quick spruce.

Aside from being a refresher throughout the day, a tip would be to also use our Hydrating Mist as a base before and after application for securing your makeup as it provides a primer-like function to your face.


A gel textured sleeping mask used for the last step of your skincare regime before you lay your head to get that essential beauty rest.

This sleeping mask is made up of rose petal mince that has been added to a 100% rose water extract-based formula. A great product for balancing your skins PH levels and correcting skin tone. It also includes Agave extracted ingredients that promote skin hydration and elasticity.

Lief Essentials is all about Organic Skincare!

All of our products at Lief Essentials are suitable for all skin types and are free from harmful ingredients and additives such as colourants, alcohol and parabens. A lot of brands use synthetic compounds to create the scent for their products, however our products are naturally scented and FYI yes they smell amazing!

Why not treat yourself to the featured organ skincare products and let the results speak for themselves? Our products only require a small amount of usage per application for guaranteed effective results. Whether you are prone to dry skin, acne prone skin, are seeking anti ageing results or simply just want your skin to get its glow on, we have got you covered. Organic skincare is the future and your skin deserves to be a part of it!


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